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Calling cards – PIN and PINless


Calling card services represent a type of low cost calling widely used by a variety of consumers in various regions. These VoIP services are especially popular among mobile phone users, as an alternative to mobile operators’ outrageously high international rates and roaming fees. The main advantages are ease of use and service availability not being limited to IP network coverage and quality.

WITEL is a calling card software platform that enables providing a full range of calling card services including PIN-less dialing and printed phone cards. Its billing system is equipped with sophisticated and yet flexible charging functions supporting all kinds of special charges and service fees.


It is another reliable way of making cheap calls through PSTN, similar to the Calling cards. The difference is that a user only triggers the callback, e.g. by sending an SMS or calling a service number, and then disconnecting; the system then calls the user back. The next steps are the same as in the Calling cards. A user, guided by the Interactive Voice Response system, dials the destination number.


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